Each project is unique to client and site. As a qualified designer and experienced gardener.
Donald can offer

  • Site analysis and development of a design concept
  • Presentation drawings and mood boards
  • Lighting plans
  • Construction drawings
  • Specifications and tender preparation
  • Planting plans
  • Garden Restoration, revitalising planting schemes for existing gardens and garden styling.
  • Garden maintenance, where skilled treatment is needed

The design process


This involves meeting clients at their garden to talk through your practical needs and your creative aspirations.Donald can discuss initial ideas, maintenance requirements and outline budgets.
During this meeting Donald explores how you wish to use the space, discovers possibilities and limitations of your site, so he can tailor the brief to your specific requirements.
Following this meeting, Donald will send you a summery of the brief outlining plans for your design. Specific features you may wish to include such as a place for eating and entertaining, lawn and play areas, water features and sculptures, screening views, practical paths and kitchen gardens are all itemised and commented on. He will also include details of the design process and the associated fees.


Before a design can be started, a site visit is undertaken. This includes survey, site analysis and mapping of existing features, aspect and views. Donald also needs to record existing levels, specific conditions and soil type. Once drawn to scale this will form the base from which a design can develop.
For large or complex sites it may be necessary to recommend a specialized survey is commissioned. Donald can arrange and brief the surveyors to ensure the desired results.


Initial concept plan. Once Donald has the survey and client brief he can develop initial ideas for the garden. He uses rough scaled drawings, illustrations and photographs to show the proposed new scheme.
Final Layout Plan. From the approved concept, full scale plans are produced. This is an annotated plan showing the new design with details of hard landscaping, garden features and structural planting. There is also a scope of works and full specification detailing the materials to be used, suppliers and build details. In some instances, a setting out plan and section drawings maybe required to enable the new design to be built and finished to the required standard.


There are various options at this stage. Donald can recommend one of his trusted & approved landscapers to tender for the project. He can arrange quotes and meet with contractors on site. His involvement in this process ensures quotes are competitive and carefully adhere to the scope of work and specification. Or if you already have one in place, Donald can work with your landscaper and offer information and direction required in order to take the project forward. Or you may wish to arrange for landscape contractors to do the build yourself.


Once a contractor has been appointed, on site visits at marking out stage and the construction phase ensure the plan is being followed accurately, and to the highest professional standards.


A detailed, scaled planting plan will consider the site, local conditions and planting preferences of the client. The plan shows exact species and locations at which they should be planted and includes a list of plants to supply to a nursery. Donald is able to deal with all aspects of sourcing, delivering and planting and this ensures that all elements of the design achieve maximum effect. He can also quote separately for a planting plan, if your garden is already landscaped or needs new planting.


Viewing your garden objectively and making suggestions on ways to update the existing space and make it work better. Possibly adding lighting or planters can revitalise an established garden, without a radical overhaul.


Garden design fees are dependent on the size and complexity of the garden. As a very rough guide, the price to design a small town garden will start from £850. A planting plan will start from £350.
Hourly rates are charged for the following: Significant redraws after the plans have been agreed, project management, construction drawings, site visits and sourcing plants and planting.
After Donald has seen the site, and discussed your garden requirements, he will be able to provide a fixed price for a design.